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The Bible provides the solutions for the problems that plague mankind. We are in a spiritual war with demonic powers in strategic cultural locations of leadership. Christians are commanded to disciple the nations which means that we are to take the principles of the Kingdom of God and use them to extend God's rule in all areas of the cultures in which the Christian message is taken. 

Our goal, according to Jesus is not just sharing the Gospel. When a person becomes a Christian through our witness they are comparable to a newborn baby that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Too many evangelistic schemes turn out to be nothing more than what I call "Playboy Evangelism." Playboy evangelists are like the irresponsible playboys that use women as sexual conquests. Making babies is one of the most pleasurable acts on earth. However, raising a child takes total commitment to love, feed and educate another human being. Playboys run away from that requirement. They want to be free from the responsibilities of being a father to the children they have sired. Modern day evangelists are too often much like these irresponsible playboys. They share the Gospel and get commitments from people that are comparable to newborns but they fail to act responsibly to make sure these newborn Christian babies are taken care of and discipled as Jesus commanded us to do. 

As a result, many newborn become jaded and turn back to their previous lifestyles because they lacked the nurture of a loving church family. They were orphaned and left to fend for themselves in a godless world that shows them a counterfeit love that replaces the love that should be expressed by His church. American Christianity is notorious for this treatment since our culture is very individualistic by its past history. We take pride in the individual being able to stand alone and make it in our culture. This goes against what the Bible teaches regarding the way our church communities should be established. We are to take care of those that have come to the Gospel and nurture them much as we would take care of a newborn.

In this section we seek to list ways that we can reach out to our communities in a responsible manner using the biblical principles gleaned from God's Word. We hope they are beneficial and we welcome your feedback or contributions you would like to see posted.