Importance of the Trinity

The Necessity of the Trinity

“The implications of the doctrine of the Trinity offer a remedyfor socialism (collectivism) and individualism (libertarianism). Socialism,Marxism and all forms of collectivism, elevate the importance of the group, thesociety, and the state over the individual and his rights and freedoms, therebylaying the basis for the absolute rule of the sovereign state, which alwaysdisregards the individual and which destroys creativity, freedom and humanlife. In this view, the individual citizen is sacrificed when necessary for thebest interests of the state. Stalin, Mao, and their ilk, can kill millions oftheir own citizens for the welfare of the state. The U.S.A. can kill byabortion millions of unborn babies for the welfare of society.

“Democratic individualism, also calledlibertarianism, is the opposite of Socialism. Whereas all forms of socialismbelieve in the sovereignty of the state, libertarianism believes in thesovereignty and autonomy of the individual. It so exalts the individual thatthe importance of the group, the proper activity of the state, and the validityof universal laws are denied. In this view, for example, marriage as aninstitution is discarded and the desires of individuals reign supreme. Lawsforbidding abortion or homosexual behavior are viewed as illegitimaterestrictions on individual autonomy.

“A Christian Trinitarian perspective on life and society standsabove and over against these views, for it believes neither in the sovereigntyof the state nor in the sovereignty of the individual, but in the sovereigntyof the Triune God. It exalts neither the group to the exclusion of theindividual, nor the individual to the denial of the group. The emphasis in theBible is on the individual within the family at work through the church indiscipling the nations of the world (Matt. 28:19–20). The Bible recognizes theequal ultimacy of the individual in particular and of human society in general.Neither are sovereign. Only God is sovereign, and all individuals and societiesare accountable to Him to live in terms of His revealed order and plan forlife. God’s word is an authoritative and all-sufficient manual of direction forindividuals and for groups, for private morality and for public justice.”

–Joseph C. Morecraft, III, Authentic Christianity (Powder Springs, Georgia: American Vision Press, 2009)  p.388-389, Volume 1

Unity with Diversity