Social Justice Debate

Social justice and the church can be a very delicate topic to discuss because people are very opinionated about it. The principle of caring for the poor and disenfranchised is clearly a responsibility God has given to Christians. The highly charged aspect of the debate occurs when the question of the role of the government is brought into the picture.

Jesus clearly expects Christians and the churches to help their neighbors in distress. However, the limitation with regard to meeting physical needs is given to the church - not the government. Unfortunately, many Christians have been more than willing to assign their obligations over to Caesar. However, Jesus never commanded Caesar to meet the needs of the poor and needy - he instructed Christians to meet these needs.

To reveal to the reader the subtle nature of the debate I have posted a debate between Al Mohler and Jim Wallis. Mohler is the president of Southern Baptist Seminary. Jim Wallis is an advocate of socialism and an advisor to president Obama. The issues can become very confusing if one does not stick with biblical principles as a reference point to evaluate the logic being presented in the debate. Too often Christians fall for an argument that contradicts the Bible because they "feel" that it is correct. However, we cannot rationalize what God clearly teachers in the Bible regarding the jurisdiction of the government in contrast to that of the state.


Mohler vs Wallis Debate