Social Justice

posted Jun 3, 2012, 7:01 PM by Hector Falcon
Does God actually care about social justice? Yes. Absolutely! God is so concerned about justice that he sent his only son to pay the penalty that we deserved in our rebellion to God. Jesus was crucified as the perfect, sinless human sacrifice in order to meet the demands of God's justice as revealed in his laws. 

In like manner, when it comes to social justice God is a God that cares about the welfare of the people his son came to die for. Caring for the needy and abused is a calling in the life of every Christian. The Bible teaches that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. When we see an injustice being perpetrated on our neighbor, God expects us to help them.

The important issue related to the concern for my neighbor is that social justice should never become more important than sharing the Gospel with people. Real transformation comes from changed lives that lead to self-government based on biblical ethics. Too often Christians can get seduced into allowing social justice to take priority over the Gospel. This was how the liberal Social Gospel began and little to no mention of the Gospel occurs within this movement which was taken over by Marxists. They now promote a Marxist form of Christianity which is heretical and presents Jesus as a Marxist radical carrying an AK 47 on the order of Che Guevara. Rather than laying down one's life in service to our neighbors, they teach that Jesus kills the rich in order to give to the poor.

What is Social Justice?

A Marxist Concept to Divide People

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Note: Below is a link to a video session on what social justice actually promotes.