Self Defense

Self defense is a responsibility that is found within the Bible. All believers are to use it to protect the lives of themselves and those around them. Too often Christians believe falsely that they are supposed to turn the other cheek and allow criminals to rape and pillage their families. They misinterpret what the Bible teaches about self defense. And the results can be tragic for their loved ones. 

Another mistaken notion many Christians have is that they should be pacifists instead of having arms that are sufficient to protect them and their families. The Bible clearly teaches that men are to protect their families and themselves when someone is trying to take their lives. To not do so is a clear violation of that biblical responsibility. The rest of the articles listed here expand on this basic principle.

Self-Defenseis The Central Component of the 2nd Amendment


Attacks on the Second Amendment and theright to self-defense continue. This week the Senate held a hearing on “StandYour Ground “laws.

Wikpedia definesstand a Stand Your Ground Law as:

“A type ofself-defense law that gives individuals the right to use deadly force to defendthemselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangeroussituation. It is law in many jurisdictions within the United States. The basismay lie in either statutory law and or common law precedents.

Under theselegal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly force in certainsituations and the stand-your-ground law would be a defense or immunity tocriminal charges and civil suit. The difference between immunity and a defenseis that an immunity bars suit, charges, detention and arrest. A defense,including an affirmative defense, is a fact or set of facts that may avoid ormitigate the adverse legal consequences of the defendant’s otherwise unlawfulconduct.

The Huffington Post reports onyesterday’s Senate hearing:

Sen. TedCruz accused lawmakers Tuesday of exploiting the shooting death of TrayvonMartin to advance their own political agenda at a Senate hearing on stand yourground laws.

The TexasRepublican questioned the purpose of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing —its first on stand your ground laws since George Zimmerman was acquitted inJuly in the 2012 shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

“Unfortunately,there are many in Washington who seem more driven by advancing a politicalagenda than actually putting in place common-sense steps toward prosecutingviolent crime,” Cruz said.

In McDonald versus ChicagoSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito wrote“Individual self-defense is ‘the central component’ of the 2nd Amendmentright.” McDonald v Chicago was a case brought by Otis McDonald against gun bansthat prevented him from having a firearm with which to defend his life andproperty.

Breitbart contributor AWR Hawkins writes:

Alito wrotethe majority opinion for the court on that decision (McDonald v Chicago), andin it he stressed how the right to keep and bear arms and the right toself-defense are two sides of the same coin in the 2nd Amendment.

He even wentso far as to say that the most preferred weapon with which to defend oneself inAmerica is a handgun, thus “[the court] concluded, ‘citizens must be permittedto use handguns for the core lawful purpose of self-defense.’”

Because ofthe parameters of the case, Alito’s focus was on having a handgun in the home,but in December 2012 the 7th Circuit Court explained that the right to defenseis applicable beyond the home and is actually “as important outside the home asinside.