Repentant Gratitude

Repentance calls us to turn around in our self-centered thinking and to follow God as the Lord and director of our lives. The analogy that is commonly used is that of being a passenger in a car driven by someone else. In loving trust we hand the steering wheel of our lives over to God and he determines where we will go and what we will fo with our lives. We can do this in trust knowing that He is infinitely more wise than we could ever be. Our ultimate happiness and purpose in life comes when we submit in loving trust to our Creator. We come to recognize that we ultimately did not choose to follow God but that he chose us and drew us to Himself. The result should be whole-hearted gratitude and thanksgiving that God was merciful enough to save us from ourselves. The following video explains the attitude we should always express to our loving God.  Repentance has become a controversial topic within Christianity. Many are being taught that as long as they believe in Jesus - nothing is further required of them. However, the Bible discusses this matter in detail as the following video demonstrates.

Repentance and Salvation