Pluralism Does Not Work

Religious pluralism with regard to laws of a nation will not work. Every religion seeks to be the dominant religion in any culture. America has enjoyed religious freedoms only because its original laws originated from English common laws that came from the Bible. Only Christianity allows for religious freedom. God is not a spiritual rapist and will not coerce people into worshiping him as do many of the other religions, like Islam. The Founders realized what would happen if our culture became pluralistic and opened the door to other law systems. It would spell the eventual doom of our republic. The following video explains the issue.

Freedom vs Pluralism

Christianity is the only religion in which one can have religious freedom to believe what you want. God is not a spiritual rapist like other world religions. You are even free not to believe anything. The only restrictions that were placed on people of other faiths was to live under our Christian laws. This model came out of the Hebrew Republic in the Old Testament. One was free to live in Israel if one was of another religion. However, you were required to live under the Jewish law system given by God. No one could control your beliefs. However, the government could control your actions. They upheld biblical laws which assured justice since the laws were given directly by God. 

Pluralism was not tolerated in their law system since this would lead to legal chaos. Every religion would eventually work to undermine the Old Testament foundation of laws. This is presently what is happening in America as legislation moves further from the moral standard of God's law.

Legal Pluralism Does Not Work