Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a tyrannical government's worst nightmare. Our Founding Fathers realized this which is why they made it the First Amendment to our Constitution. They wanted to make sure that our government would never interfere with an individual's right to their religious preference. One was free to hold what ever beliefs one wanted without the government trying to coerce you into its preferred religious beliefs system.

What the government could regulate was one's actions in light of their religious beliefs. Thus, if a Satanist believed that burning virgins alive was a legitimate act of their religion, that action would be outlawed. When America was founded it was predominantly Christian so Christian morality was the standard used to determine what acts were just. As time progressed other religions and worldviews became a part of our nation's makeup which became more pluralistic. The question now is whose laws are going to rule our culture?

Within our own culture that freedom is being threatened with the issue of homosexual marriage. If the government can redefine that marriage is between parties other than that prescribed by God, it will pit the regulatory arm of the government against the beliefs of Christianity. This is already occurring in Europe where voicing the opinion that homosexual marriage is a sinful act according to the views of Bible can land you in jail for a hate-crime.