posted Jun 3, 2012, 8:46 PM by Hector Falcon
Predestination can be a touchy issue because some people think they have the right to judge the actions of God and determine for themselves whether He is fair or not. In fact, if there is one area in your life in which your faith will be attacked continually, it will be on the fairness of God. 

This is a critical obstacle all Christians must cross over. The goodness of God can never be left to doubt. When we consider the power of the lie which Satan used to tempt one third of the angels to rebel against God, it had to be centered on the question of whether God is fair or not. If Satan, the father of lies, can get you to doubt the goodness of God - he wins. This was the strategy he used in the Garden of Eden when he got Eve to question his goodness in the prohibition not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Rather than trusting God and his word to guide her, she believed Satan that God was holding out on her because God did not want her to become like Him.

In many ways, the issue over predestination is based on the same appeal. Those who oppose God's freedom to choose as He desires want the right to judge God and his actions. In a sense, they are playing the role of God and judging his actions in order to meet their preconceived views about what is just. We are not God and we will never have all the knowledge that he has regarding what is happening in the universe. It is an act of pride to believe that we have the right to judge God's actions according to our personal standards of justice.

The book of Job was the first book written in the Bible and it addressed this very issue. Job was in total confusion because according to his theological presuppositions, he believed that he was being unjustly punished for something he was not guilty of. He was not aware of what was happening in the background as a major confrontation between God and Satan was being played out. He was the main actor in the confrontation that was being played out in the spiritual dimension.

In the end, Job did not deny God despite the hell that he went through. However, he did have to repent of his attitude. One in which he believed that God was not being fair with him. After all, he had met all the conditions for the pain-free life that the evangelical leaders of his day were hawking to the people. And yet, here he was a victim of suffering. Surely, if anyone did not deserve to suffer in this life, Job believed it was him.  He knew he had been faithful to God. However, unlike the angels that followed Satan in their rebellion against a God, Job stayed loyal to the Lord and would not deny his faith in God. 

The lesson we need to learn from Job is that we will never see things from the perspective that God does. Part of the job description for being God is that he owes no one an explanation for what he does. Like Job, God wants us to know that he is just and that he what ever he does in our lives need not be explained to us. Our only obligation is to trust and obey.