Poverty and Worldview

Poverty is actually a mindset more than it is an economic problem. This is one area where we can see a direct impact by a worldview that enslaves people due to a worldview that leads them to remain in a state of poverty. Countries that are enslaved in poverty are often quite rich in natural resources. Yet, they are trapped in a worldview that does not allow them to break free of the thinking that keeps them in poverty. 

An example of this would be Israel. Despite being located in a land with few natural resources, Israel is one of the richest nations in the world. The Jews gain their wealth through creativity and hard work. Much of their wealth is a byproduct of technological and scientific advances. 

In contrast to the Jews we observe the Arab states that surround Israel. Despite being very rich in natural resources the average Muslim lives in a state of poverty. This is directly attributable to the Muslim religion that keeps the people of these nations in a state of poverty. The Muslims think differently than the Jews and it largely goes back to their religious worldviews. 

In this section we will examine worldviews and their connection to states of poverty.