Politics and Christianity

Should Christians be involved in politics? Absolutely! 

Jesus is Lord of all of life. In the Great Commission Jesus told his disciples that he was given authority over both the earth and heaven. Under that authority they were commissioned (as were we) to go forth into the world and to disciple all the nations according to everything he taught them. Everything he taught them is found within the Bible and it is to be used to disciple both our people and the culture around us.

However, Christians limit the total sovereignty of God by having a view of their faith that just applies to the spiritual realm. They do not believe that the total lordship of Christianity applies to every facet of life. This is a form of Gnostic thought that sets up an unbiblical form of dualism. The Apostle Paul had to address this in the early churches because Christians in his era had adopted their Greek and pagan thinking to Christianity. They had formed a form of Christianity that had mixed facets of their old pagan thinking with that of Christianity. Like Christians today, they limited the influence of Christianity solely to their personal lives. The end result was that Christianity was not applied to their daily lives within the world.

The Apostle Paul pointed out what they were doing and corrected their thinking by reminding them that the lordship of Christ applied to every area of life. In like manner today, Jesus is lord over our politics. He remains lord of the universe and we are to submit our lives to his lordship. Our decision-making is to be based in the lordship of Christ in our daily lives as expressed in the Bible. 

When it comes to how we vote or get involved in the political arena, Christian ethics should be our guidance when it comes to our political decision-making. In the following video Gary Demar discusses this issue in more detail.

Politics and Christians