Political Philosophies

The Left and the Right come from a view of reality that goes back to the way they view human nature and the basic problems facing society. The Left generally has an optimistic view of human nature. They believe people are generally good by nature and can be changed to become better people through education and government help. The Right believes that people are basically sinful by nature and that the main problems we face in society are derived from the negative actions of the fallen human nature within all of us. They see the role of the government as keeping a check on the power of certain individuals to take advantage of others for their own selfish gain. The Right believes that to address the problems in society we must address the basic sinful nature of the individual and try to change the motivation that drives them to take advantage of others for their own benefit. From this perspective the government must be divided so that one person or a set of people cannot use the government to fulfill their self interests at the cost of other people's interests.

The following video by Prager University presents the two views and how they influence culture.

Left versus the Right