posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Hector Falcon
The question of charity is important because how the issue is handled can affect how oppressive the government becomes. God has established separate jurisdictions for the church and the state. However, there is a natural tension that exists between the church and the state. Politicians increase their power bases by granting favors to those whom they are trying to win over to their side. Politicians tax people and then give that money to those whose loyalties they want to attain. To do this the state will always move in on the jurisdiction of the church.  

Charity is primarily the responsibility of the church. Jesus instructed his followers to care for the poor and needy - not Caesar (the state). When the church abdicates its responsibilities it opens the door for the state to move into its jurisdictional responsibilities. The long-term result will be an ever increasing power of the state. The church has been established as a counter-weight to prevent the rise of a tyrannical state. When it does not meet its duties, it leaves the people vulnerable to a tyrannical state.

The Marxist intellectuals realized that for them to establish a communist utopia they would first need to eliminate the influence of the churches. One way they attempted to do this was to act as the provider for the people's needs. The government sought to control every facet of production as a way to win control over the allegiance of the people.

Currently, we are seeing a rising interest in socialism within the United States as the people look to the state to meet their needs. This is a clear indicator that the church has lost its influence over the people. Unless there is a genuine reawakening within the churches, America will move toward a tyrannical government that will persecute the churches and Christians. Without the presence of the U.S. military in the world to help maintain the peace, the world will indeed become a dangerous place.