Why America is so RICH

America is rich because our Founders learned early in our nation's history that free enterprise is the key to the production of wealth. Early in our nation's founding all the settlers nearly starved to death because they had a socialist state in which everyone shared all the food that was grown and produced. As a result, there was no incentive for anyone to work since what they worked for was taken by others and redistributed. When winter came the hard lesson that they learned was that socialism does not work. They had no food stored for the winter since no one had wanted work since they knew what they worked for would be taken by other people. 

This was also what happened with the breakdown of the Soviet Union, one of the most powerful communist network of nations whose economy fell apart. This happened because there was no incentive for anyone to work since the government would take care of you, even if you did not work. Communism and socialism kill the incentive for anyone to work because the government will steal what one works for and gives it to the people that will not work.

The following video presents the case in an easy to understand manner.

Why America is so RICH!