Many define liberty in various ways. However, from a biblical perspective true liberty is the ability, given by God, to conform to God's will and live as He directs us according to His laws. John Calvin was a pioneer in the development of human rights theories through his theology. His theology also played a major role in the founding of our republic form of government.The following video clip provides a description of the role of Christianity in the founding of our nation based on liberty.

Christianity and Liberty

Christianity and Liberty



The Reformation of Rights

John Calvin developed arresting new teachings on rights and liberties, church and state, and religion and politics that shaped the law of Protestant lands. Calvin's original teachings were periodically challenged by major crises - the French Wars of Religion, Dutch Revolt, the English Civil War, American colonization, and American Revolution. In each such crisis moment, a major Calvinist figure emerged - Theodore Beza, Johannes Althusius, John Milton, John Winthrop, John Adams, and others - who modernized Calvin's teachings and translated them into dramatic new legal and political reforms. This rendered early modern Calvinism one of the driving engines of Western constitutionalism. A number of basic Western laws on religious and political rights, social and confessional pluralism, federalism and constitutionalism, and more owe a great deal to this religious movement. This book is essential reading for scholars and students of history, law, religion, politics, ethics, human rights, and the Protestant Reformation.