Legislating Morality

We often hear by both the Christians and non-Christians that Christians cannot legislate morality. So - is this true? Absolutely not! All law is a reflection of someone's morality. The key question is, whose morality is being legislated into the laws of the nation? Too many Christian leaders have bought into the lie that Christians should not be involved in legislating law and morality into laws. As a result of adopting this lie - Christians have allowed the pagans to take over the reins of power of the cultures of the world.

Christians need to be involved with public policy development and the making of our nation's laws. Our motive needs to be our love for our neighbors. Public policy has a dramatic on the lives of our neighbors. When Christians ignore the civil arena they let the pagans determine the public policies that impact our people. Some of these policies wind up destroying people. Once clear example of this is the welfare policies established by President Johnson when the government, under his jurisdiction in the war against poverty, set up the national welfare system. The welfare program had unintended consequences in that it destroyed the black and other poor families that became involved in the program. 

The policies of this program encouraged the woman not to marry since they would not be eligible for the program. The result was that women would not marry the fathers of the children that they birthed. The policy destroyed the family unit which is an essential foundation for Western Civilization. The breakup of the family has led to other related consequences, such as the loss of the importance of marriage to our culture and abortion.

Having a proper understanding of this concept is absolutely critical for the future health of both the church and our nation. The following video clip by Gary Demar helps to get a proper biblical view of this concept.

Legislating Morality

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