Immigration is a very volatile issue. God cares deeply about immigrants and we need to take an incremental approach to this issue since making a wrong decision can have catastrophic consequences. While God expresses concern to be shown to immigrants, does this mean they are allowed to break the laws of the nation? Many Christians are torn on this issue because they believe Jesus would condone breaking the nation's laws to help these people. However, the laws opposing open borders have been established to protect citizens of a nation from the enemies that refuse to follow the laws of the land, would commit crimes and seek to destroy the host culture. We need to look at the role of government from a biblical perspective on this issue. The following articles and video clips addresses some of the issues involved in this debate.

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The Amnesty Fraud 

By ThomasSowell

Nothing is morecommon than political "solutions" to immediate problems which createmuch bigger problems down the road. The current immigration bill in the Senateis a classic example.

The big talkingpoint of those who want to legalize the illegal immigrants currently in theUnited States is to say that it is "unrealistic" to round up anddeport 12 million people.

Back in 1986 it was"unrealistic" to round up and deport the 3 million illegal immigrantsin the United States then. So they were given amnesty -- honestly labeled, backthen -- which is precisely why there are now 12 million illegal immigrants.

As a result of thecurrent amnesty bill -- not honestly labeled, this time -- will it be"unrealistic" to round up and deport 40 million or 50 million illegalimmigrants in the future?

If the currentimmigration bill is as "realistic" as its advocates claim, why is itbeing rushed through the Senate faster than a local zoning ordinance could bepassed?

We are, after all,talking about a major and irreversible change in the American population, theAmerican culture, and the American political balance. Why is there no time totalk about it?

Are its advocatesafraid that the voting public might discover what a fraud it is? The biggestfraud is denying that this is an amnesty bill.

Its advocates'argument is that illegal immigrants will have to meet certain requirements tobecome citizens. But amnesty is not about how you become a citizen.

The word is fromthe same root as "amnesia." It means you forget or overlook somecrime, as if it never happened. All this elaborate talk about the steps illegalimmigrants must go through to become citizens is a distraction from the crimethey committed when they crossed the border illegally.

Instead, allattention is focused on what to do to accommodate those who committed thiscrime. It is a question that would be recognized as an insult to ourintelligence on any other issue.

For example, thereare undoubtedly thousands, perhaps millions, of unsolved crimes and uncaughtcriminals in this country and we cannot realistically expect to find andprosecute all these fugitives from justice.

But does anyonesuggest that our focus should be on trying to normalize the lives of domesticfugitives from justice -- "bring them out of the shadows" in TedKennedy's phrase -- and develop some path by which they can be given anacceptable legal status?

Does anyone suggestthat, if domestic criminals come forward, pay some fine, and apply to havetheir crimes overlooked, they can be put on a path to be restored to goodstanding in our society?

Just as we don'tneed to solve every crime and catch every criminal, in order to have deterrentsto crime, neither do we have to ferret out and deport every one of the 12million illegal aliens in this country in order to deter a flood of new illegalaliens.

All across thiscountry, illegal aliens are being caught by the police for all sorts ofviolations of American laws, from traffic laws to laws against murder. Yet inmany, if not most, places the police are under orders not to report theseillegal aliens to the federal government.

Imprisoning knownand apprehended lawbreakers for the crime of illegally entering this country,in addition to whatever other punishment they receive for other laws that theyhave broken -- and then sending them back where they came from after theirsentences have been served -- would be something that would not be lost onothers who are here illegally or who are thinking of coming here illegally.

Just as people cando many things better for themselves than the government can do those thingsfor them, illegal aliens could begin deporting themselves if they found thattheir crime of coming here illegally was being punished as a serious crime, andthat they themselves were no longer being treated as guests of the taxpayerswhen it comes to their medical care, the education of their children, and otherwelfare state benefits.

Incidentally,remember that 700-mile fence that Congress authorized last year? Only two mileshave been built. That should tell us something about how seriously they aregoing to enforce other border security provisions in the current bill.


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