Image of God

posted Jun 12, 2012, 7:10 PM by Hector Falcon
Orthodox Christians believe that people are made in the image of God since the Bible promotes this principle. Therefore, they believe all human life should be protected from premature death or killing. Every person, even those that are deformed or handicapped are equal in value to everyone else since they are created in God's image. 

This idea was revolutionary in light of how people were looked upon prior to the influence of Christianity. Life was generally considered very cheap and there was little concern for people since they were not valued as special creations. Your worth was generally related to how you could contribute to the state or the collective. If you were not a productive member of society, it was not unusual to have the state eliminate you since you were considered a useless eater. 

Being created in God's image gave every individual a unique worth which changed the way people were treated under the law. The state influenced by Christianity was seen as a protector of the individual since they were of high worth in the eyes of God and were to be protected by the state. The result was revolutionary for a world that had earlier treated people as nothing more than an expendable cog within the culture. People were given rights that were then to be protected by the state. We thus seen the rise of personal liberty and freedoms since the individual was to be protected from a tyrannical state rulers that used people for their own purposes.