Holistic Gospel

Francis Schaeffer rocked the Christian world when he addressed the passiveness of the evangelical world which has adopted what is known as a "pietistic" theology. By pietistic he meant that the focus of Christianity becomes solely the application of the Gospel to the private life of the individual. Christians that adopt this view reject any kind of cultural involvement since they adopt the belief that the Christian life applies only to the "spiritual" aspects of one's personal life, such as praying and attending church services. Once Christians leaves the church, their faith does not apply in the real material world where we live out the rest of our lives outside the church.

We do not believe this view is correct. The lordship of Jesus extends to all of life. To limit the lordship of Christ solely to the spiritual life of the individual dethrones Jesus from being lord of all the universe. This view goes against biblical revelation. Jesus himself stated in the Great Commission that "all authority" in both heaven and "earth" were given to him by God his father. We are then commanded to extend that authority to all the nations as we disciple them according to all that Jesus has taught us. This is how God's kingdom extends to all the nations. Where ever the authority of Jesus goes by his submitted subjects, there we will find the kingdom of God. It is expressed in the lives of both individuals and cultures which live under his authority.

The following video gives a quick overview of the holistic gospel in which the lordship of Jesus extends into all of life within the lives of Christians.