Interposition of lower magistrates

The Bible teaches a means of dealing with tyrannical government. The doctrine is called the "interposition of the lower magistrates" or elected government leaders. This gives the people a means of addressing ungodly government actions rather than moving toward revolutionary action. 

The key is that the people need to be actively involved within their government. Instead, most Christians have abandoned their active participation within our government process. Many Christian have abandoned the political arena due to a false view of the role of the Christian life within culture called "pietism." They have a privatized view of their faith which is limited solely to the individual's private life. 

This is a false view of the Christian life since Jesus is the Lord of all of life. Jesus said that "All authority has been given to Him by God in both heaven (and earth)." This includes governments, cultures and politics.

The following videos give a good presentation of the biblical role of Christians in the political arena and government.

Interposition vs Revolution


Lord Of Government