Big government corrupts

Large governments lead to corruption because there is no personal accountability. Politicians stay in power promising anything to keep their power. This has led to the bankruptcy of America's economy. The following video clip by Dennis Prager does a great job explaining the corrupting influence of liberalism.

Corrupting influence of liberalism

The Founders knew that the courts posed potential trouble in the future of the nation. This was especially true of the Supreme Court. Originally its role was only to "review laws" to make sure they were Constitutional. However, as time has progressed, the power of the court has increased and become corrupted as it has taken on the role of making law. A role which the Founders never intended for it to have. Due to the general ignorance of "we the people" the Supreme Court has not been held in check. Our representatives have failed us in their responsibility to be the watchdogs of our Constitution. We the people have also failed to keep a check on them and to badger them when they do not do their jobs.The following video helps explain where we are at and how the courts are being used to grow the power of our government.

The Courts Role in the Growth of Government

The Courts Role in Government's Growth