God and Government

A very controversial question all Christians will have to address is what their participation in government should be. Does the Bible address this issue? Of course. In fact, it is a very important aspect of life that God addresses within the Bible. Many Christians do not realize that government was actually instituted by God for the sake of the people he created. The governments main functions are to provide protection against outside threats to our nation and to prosecute criminals that break the law and cause harm to innocent people (Romans 13, 1st Timothy 1: 1 - 8).

People generally get their worldview understanding about a topic from the popular media that surrounds us. One of the slogans that the pagans use to keep Christians from getting involved in the governmental process is the belief that religion and politics are to be completely separated from each other. They always yell out that there should be a separation between the church and the state. However, while this may sound legitimate, is this really what the Bible teaches? The role of government within our lives is very limited, according to role God has designated for it within the Bible. However, that does not mean that Christianity should not be an influence within government. The reality is that God created government for our benefit but that it is accountable to Him as our Creator. Everything us ultimately under the jurisdiction of God's rule.

The more accurate and biblical perspective on the relationship between church and state is that God places them under separate jurisdictions. However, both are still under the authority of God and his law. He has different functions for each jurisdiction but they are both under the rules and functions that He has established for each jurisdiction. The church is not called to rule over the people as the political government and the state is not to interfere with the rules and functions of the churches. Kings don't attempt to run the church and priests do not attempt to run the political government.

The following pages address the role of the government in more detail. The key points to remember are that the church and the state each have God-designated jurisdictions and unique responsibilities. Yet, both the church and the state government are both under the authority of both God and his law.

Separation of Church and State?


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By virtue of being King of kings and Lord of lords, Christ's reign over man and government is universal and total. "He removeth kings, and setteth up kings" (Dan. 2:21) and "increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them" (Job 12:23) because the government is on His shoulders: He is the governor among the nations (Isa. 9:7, Ps. 22:28). The need today is for the church to press the crown-rights of Christ the King, confident that His government over all will increase without end: "the zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this." This powerful volume sets forth a Biblical theology of the state, tracing in detail the history and consequences of both statist domination and Christian dereliction of duty. By firmly establishing the Biblical alternative to modern Christianity's polytheism, the author alerts us to the pitfalls of the past, and provides Godly counsel for both the present and future. The crystallization of decades of research, Christianity and the State is a landmark volume of 20th century Christendom.


Was America founded to be a secular or a Christian nation? The evidence by far proves that the Founders held Christian morality and faith essential elements needed to maintain our liberty. They made constant references to the moral principles our people would need to be able to be self-governing. The following video clip presents this evidence.

Was America founded to be Christian or secular?