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Free Enterprise - no government control

Free enterprise and capitalism have been given a bad reputation by the socialists (progressives) that have taken over our educational systems and the Democratic Party. The free enterprise system and capitalism have led to the largest creation of wealth in human history. The result has been that billions have been lifted out of poverty. However, there are those that believe the prefect Utopian society needs social planners to regulate every facet of our lives - including the economy. They support a socialist system in which they see themselves as the intellectual elite that have been gifted with the reason needed to manage all facets of our lives. They see themselves as the philosophy kings and queens that are needed to rule over the peasant class (us).

Historically, socialism has never worked. It takes money from the productive members of society and redistributes the wealth to those that have not worked for it. It kills the incentive for people to work since the government winds up stealing what you have worked so hard to create in your own business. The government winds up stealing and spending other people's money. As Margaret Thatcher has stated, "Socialism will work only until the government runs out of other people's money." The following clip by Dinesh D'Souza helps to explain the issue clearly.

Capitalism vs Government control:

Capitalism vs Fascism