Discipline and Politics

One of the most controversial areas of Christianity is the arena dealing with church and state. It has been said there are two things you should not discuss, especially at family reunions, are the topics of religion and politics. Yet, these are very critical areas of our lives. 

What makes religion and politics so controversial is that we see how one's faith is being applied within the real world. It is actually a reflection of how the rubber meets the road. People can get very defensive when it comes to discussing this topic because we see their justifications for policies that reveal where there heart is. It deals directly with how we relate to our neighbors. And many would rather not have to confront what they truly value since it may bring conviction and a call by God to change one's attitudes. 

One of the areas where we would expect not to run across this compromising attitude is the pulpits of the nation. We would expect that the men and women that represent God would be above political self-interest. Yet, the pulpits are often the areas where we find the most outrageous forms of compromise based on political expediency and self-interest. 

An example of this is the abortion issue. Many church leaders and denominations claim to be against abortion because they say they believe it is the murder of a human being created in God's image. Yet, they openly tolerate people within their churches that advocate the murder of innocent babies. In the following clip Bill O'Reily confront the issue straight on with regard to the compromise by the Catholic Church in its toleration of legislators that actively work to promote abortion laws within our nation and others.

O'Reily confronts church compromising