One of the more intimidating areas for Christians has been the field of science. This was especially true when Darwin attempted to explain the origin of human life through the process known as evolution. While minute changes may occur within a species larger changes do no occur. No fossil evidence exists to confirm that transitional shifts between species. This is what is known as the "missing link." This is also why evolution is still described as a "theory" even though many scientists believe it has been proven factually beyond a doubt. 

The advent of genetic science has thrown an additional problem in the face of secular scientists. The field of genetics shows that information is being transferred by the cell in the manufacturing process in which new cells are manufactured by other cells. Bill Gates has described the complexity of the DNA code as being much more complicated than the most sophisticated software program ever devised by people. Secular scientists are left with the task of trying to explain the complex information that is needed by the cells to function properly. 

Another element of the original theory of evolution included the rise of mutations that would then branch off to form new species with sufficient time. The problem with this aspect of theory is that mutations die off rather than replicate themselves. The following video clip describes the complexity of the process used in cell division. When considering  the process and its complexity one has to wonder how any rational person could say that this developed solely by chance and that no Creator or designer was involved in the origin of this system. 

This gets us to considering the impact that one's presuppositional worldview plays in considering the evidence. People that start out with a particular view will only accept evidence that reinforces what they want to believe. They could see a completely designed F-16 fighter jet lying within the ground as not evidence that demands a designer of the plane if they start out evaluating the evidence they encounter with an evolutionary worldview. This worldview serves as a grid by which they measure whether evidence is credible or not. 

Human life is much more complex than any highly sophisticated fighter jet or computer software. Yet, the evolutionist will not accept the fact that human life was predesigned by a Creator. To acknowledge such a Creator would mean they would be accountable to that Creator. And they certainly do not want that reality staring them in the face. 

Brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson explains what the position is regarding six day creation and how science actually backs that view in the following video clip.

Six Day Creation and Science

Six say Creation


The following video clip describes the complexity of the genetics and cell processes involved within the cell.

DNA Evidence

Complexity of DNA


Intelligent Design

Evolution or Creation

Evolution or Creation

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