Christian Education

Christian education implies that all valid knowledge comes from God. The fall of mankind is traced to Adam and Eve choosing to believe a false source of knowledge which directly contradicted the clear revelation of God regarding good and evil. In like manner, public education is based on humanistic presuppositions which are often contradictory to the revealed word of God in the Bible. Many Christian education curricula will often mix humanistic ideas with biblical principles in an effort to present a classical approach to education. The result is a syncretistic mixture ideas that lead to an epistemology of compromising biblical truth.


New Geneva Leadership Academy

John Calvin was an effective change agent because he understood the importance of giving people a top education with a curriculum based on a biblical worldview. His Geneva Academy was the educational institution he established in order to train disciples that would take the message of the Great Commission to the nations of the world. Calvin understood that the principles found within God's written word would provide the principles needed to redeem the cultures of the world and extend God's kingdom throughout the earth - as Jesus commanded us.

In light of the Great Commission and the need for a quality education based on a Reformational biblical worldview, the New Geneve Leadership academy has been founded. We believe God has given mankind the gift of the internet to get the Gospel out to all the nations of the earth in an exensive manner. In many ways, when we consider the earlier Reformation era there would never have been a Reformation had it not been for the invention of the printing press. The printing press allowed for the mass dispersal of biblical ideas that shook Europe to its core. 

We believe God is preparing the ground for a third Great Awakening. This awakening will be global and impact all the nations of the world with the story of Christianity and the arrival of the messiah spoken of in the scriptures. There will be a great need to make discipleship materials available to the people of the world as they become Christians. To help meet this future need we are establishing an internet presence with the New Geneva Leadership Academy. Our mission is to make high quality discipleship information available to the masses at very reasonable costs, or in many cases completely free. 

The following video describes the academy and our goal of producing disciples that will impact the nations of the world with the Gospel. 

New Geneva Leadership Academy

New Geneva Leadership Academy