Bible Museum

One of the best resources for information regarding the influence of Christianity in America's founding is the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. 

Bible in America

Introduced to the Americas by generations of immigrants, the Bible has had a profound impact on American history, culture and politics. Over time, the Bible helped inspire the country’s ideas about democracy and the belief that religious liberty was essential for its success. It influenced many national debates, including the abolition of slavery and campaigns for civil rights. Frequently, people on opposing sides of an issue appealed to the Bible to support their cause. Today, the impact of the Bible still resonates throughout American culture. Its influence is deeply rooted in our society as well as in the quiet habits of everyday life for many Americans.

The museum of the Bible provides much evidence of the influence of Chistianity in America. The website for the museum can be found by clicking on this web address.

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