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Piper on Politics

John Piper argues that same-sexmarriage could threaten religious liberty

John Piper’s latest blog post is a step in the right direction.


When I preached on the implications of the legalizingof so-called same sex marriage I said, “Pretending that [marriage] can existbetween people of the same sex will send ripple effects of dysfunction anddestruction in every direction, most of which are now unforeseen.”

Here isan example you may not have foreseen. There are hundreds of others on the way.

It has been reported that in the case of ElanePhotography v. Willock (NM Ct. App., May 31, 2012) a New Mexico state appealscourt held that a photography firm’s refusal to provide its services tophotograph a same-sex commitment ceremony violates the New Mexico Human Rights Act’s prohibition ondiscrimination in public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation.

Accordingto the court:

ElanePhotography’s owners are Christians who believe that marriage is a sacredunion of one man and one woman. They also believe that photography isan artistically expressive form of communication and photographing asame-sex commitment ceremony would disobey God and the teachings of theBible by communicating a message contrary to their religious and personalbeliefs.

RejectingElane Photography’s free expression arguments, the court held:

Themere fact that a business provides a good or service with a recognizedexpressive element does not allow the business to engage in discriminatorypractices… While Elane Photography does exercise some degreeof control over the photographs it is hired to take… this controldoes not transform the photographs into a message from Elane Photography.

This iswhy on a recent panel discussion of pastors at a TGC meeting there was generalconsensus that if so-called same sex marriage is legalized, there will be a lotof conscientious, loving Christians going to jail.

Nowthis is more like it. This is better.

The example of WayneGrudem

Nowtake a listen to John Piper’s friend Wayne Grudem being interviewed about apastor’s role in politics, on the Frank Turek show.

The MP3 file is here

Listen closely to the partwhere Grudem says that pastors who do not get involved politically will facejudgment. That’s right.