Greatness of the Great Commission

The Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) is the Church's marching orders and few Christians if any would deny this. Most denominations regard it as the touchstone of ministry and evangelism-usually incorporating it into their charter, by-laws, or mission statement. The problem is, most don't actually believe it or truncate its greatness. For them, the Great Commission is a command to faithfully take the gospel to the world with no real promise of success. Of course many would object to that characterization, but upon closer examination it becomes evident that evangelism is largely seen as getting the *good news* to the few who will recieve it so that the church might hasten the Lord's return. However, Christ pledges Himself as the guarantor of the Church's success "I have been given all power in heaven and on earth" (v.18) and promises to be with us in this endeavor "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age" (v.20). With a declaration like that from the LORD of Lords and the KING of Kings, we can't lose. In the words of the great C.H. Spurgeon "The Holy Ghost would never suffer the imputation to rest upon His holy name that He was not able to convert the world."