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Themission of the Worldview Leadership Training Institute is to promote a global discussion on the Great Commission and  provide educational materials that equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission (Mathew 24: 18-20). The church has been directed to complete the mandate given by Jesus to both evangelize and disciple the nations of the world. We help Christians fulfill this goal by providing them with training,educational materials and conferences that promote a holistic biblicalworldview of reformation in all of life.

We believe a holistic biblical worldview will play acritical role in promoting a third Great Awakening. This is based on the fact that Jesus clearly revealed he is currently the sovereign Lord of the universe. In the Great Commission he stated that "all authority" inboth heaven (and on the earth) has been given to Him. The Great Commission reveals to us that Jesus is currently the sovereign Lord of the earth and his command is that we extend his kingdom throughout the world. 

Since we have been commanded to disciple the nations of the world, this implies teaching his disciples the biblical principles for both personal living and cultural transformation. The end result should be cultural transformations on a global scale. The covenant Reformed theology of the Reformation has historically provided the mostholistic and comprehensive biblical worldview that has transformed whole cultures. It does so because it holistically addresses all areas of life based on the total sovereignty of God.

Weare making the principles of a holistic Biblical worldview freely available so Christians throughout the world can use them to both disciple and transform their cultures. We invite you to join us in this global effort to extend God's kingdom into all the nations of theworld and fulfill the Great Commission.

Hi. I am Dr. Hector Falcon, the sponsor of this web site. I am an avid student of historical theology and missions. My background includes attending the University of Wisconsin, Christ forthe Nations - Dallas, Texas, Regent University in Virginia Beach, and WestminsterSeminary. I have participated in mission outreaches toSouth Korea, Honduras, and Europe. Other mission related activities includeChristian coffee house ministry in Wisconsin, prison ministry in Austin, Texasand college campus ministry in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I currently work as an adjunct for New GenevaLeadership Academy and Lee University. We are here to serve you in any capacity that can increase your understanding of a Reformed holistic biblical worldview. This includes applications toward personal and cultural redemption in line with the Great Commission. If you have related articles you would like to submit for posting, please send them to us. Please consider partnering with us in our efforts to help equip Christians to fulfill Christ's Great Commission globally.

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Book Recommendations:

The Mission of God

“This book is an intellectual masterpiece; it is first rate scholarship – a theological and historical gem… it is the theological apologetic to act out God’s truth in every sphere of life in 21st century Britain and beyond… This book is changing lives.” Andrea Williams. CEO, Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre. “The most comprehensive and cogent argument for the perpetuity of God’s moral law as it relates to civil legislation written in 40 years… A breath of fresh air amid both the hermeneutical nihilism and pietism retreatism in the modern church… An intellectual for to be reckoned with.” Dr P. Andrew Sandlin, President Center for Cultural Leadership, California “Bold, provocative and illuminating, The Mission of God is a potential game changer for modern societies. It challenges the secular modus vivendi and summons the Christian church to applied biblical radicalism.” Jonathan Burnside, Professor of Biblical Law at the University of Bristol


This book carefully studies Jesus' Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). It shows that the Christian enterprise in a fallen world is to win men and nations, individuals and whole cultures to the Christian faith. It shows the optimism for success inherent in Jesus' commission, as well as demonstrating the universal applicability of the Christian worldview.


The power of the gospel to transform individual lives has been clearly evident throughout New Testament history. But what of the darkness and poverty that enslave entire cultures, even nations? Have Christians underestimated the power of God's truth to transform entire societies?

In Discipling Nations, Darrow Miller builds a powerful and convincing thesis that God's truth not only breaks the spiritual bonds of sin and death but can free whole societies from deception and poverty.

Discipling Nations will challenge, reenergize, and reequip Christians everywhere who labor to see "His kingdom come, His will be done."