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Sexual license

Sexuality is not neutral. It plays and important role in the battle of worldviews. God created the sexes different. The monistic worldview takes the opposite position with regard to there being a difference sexually between men and women. Instead, the teach that there is no difference at all within the sexes and that all types of sexual activity is normal. After all, we are all one with the universe and that included our sexuality. All sexual activity can be lumped together in a universe in which we are all a part of the one ultimate reality. This is why within pagan cultures we see a high degree of sexual perversion and homosexual activity, especially among the priests.

Christianity stands apart from this view. It teaches that God created the sexual difference and that it reflects the created order which he established for human beings. The difference in the sexes allows for a natural merger into marriage and the propagation of the human race. The following video clip and text describes this relationship.

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