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Nazi Occultism

Nazism is actually an Aryan religious worldview. Behind the belief was a belief in a superior Aryan super race. This super race was originally believed to be from the island of Atlantis. The ideas that led to the rise of the Nazis are still with us. The occult and anti-Semitic ideas in this ideology were around way before the rise of the Nazi era. When Germany (and Europe) left its Christian heritage there was a religious vacuum that still needed to be filled since mankind is basically religious by nature. We were made to worship something in order to provide a reason and purpose for our existence. Christianity was rejected by the Germans due to the liberal direction that it had taken. This liberal shift basically gutted Christianity of any meaning to the average German. To fill the religious void that still existed with the people many Germans turned to the occult. 

The following video clip gives a good introduction into the Aryan ideology of the Nazis.

Click on the video below:

Nazi Aryanism