Black Liberation Theology

Black liberation theology is a theology that develops to address the injustice done against a group of people. The question is, can men develop of a theology to use the Bible to address an issue in a way that men decide to manipulate it? Liberation theology has been developed using a hermeneutic which is used to justify liberation from a specific perspective. However, are men free to manipulate and use the Bible to address social justice issues that the Bible has already clearly addressed? The negative aspect of liberation theologies is that they often wind up justifying the use of violence against the innocent, which clearly goes against biblical principles.

While the injustices that occurred against blacks in this nation are undeniable, the Bible already addresses these issues of injustice. The white church leadership had compromised what they knew to be just. Some out of theological misunderstanding, others out of cowardice and political expediency. However, what often happens is a justification of hatred against the offending group based on a biblical hermeneutic that is often derived to manipulate the Bible to make it say what we want and to justify using violence to attain our goals.

Jeremiah Wright presents a view of Black Liberation theology.

Jeremiah Wright on Liberation Theology

Wright preaching on liberation