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Globalism has a very ancient history. From the beginning of time we can see a record of historical events in which men have tried to become rulers over their fellow men. One of the first incident is described by the Bible in its description of the Tower of Babel. Leadership at the time was attempting to establish an empire which would be used to unify mankind. This was really the predecessor to the United Nations. 

However, God knows the sinful heart of mankind and that if people were allowed to unify into a one-world government that the result would not be heaven on earth but hell on earth. Men would use the government to try and establish their own version of what a Utopian world order should look like, without reference to God and His moral order. As world history has continually shown, the result would be hell on earth. The global government eventually reflects the depraved nature of fallen mankind as the government becomes tyrannical. 

To prevent a tyrannical world order from arising God confused mankind with the development of different languages that would prevent global unity from occurring. This was manifested at the Tower of Babel where God confused the people by giving them different languages. They could not communicate with each other and this forced them to spread out over the earth rather than unifying to form an empire. In like manner, today God has established the nations to prevent the development of a one-world global tyranny. However, with the establishment of the United Nations mankind is once again trying to establish a Utopian world order with no reference to God's version of law and justice. This will once again result in a tyranny if its plans succeed. 

The following video clip reveals the extent to which they are succeeding