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A Conflict of 2 Visions

When we look at the current tension within our culture we need to see it from the perspective of a biblical worldview. The story of Christianity is basically God reaching down to sinful people that have no hope other than to have Him provide a way to be restored to Him after the fall of our parents into rebellion against Him. God, in his love for people, sent his son to take the punishment we deserved for the rebellion of our parents which condemned all of the human race. To fulfill the requirements of the law of God for rebellion in his universe, he had to fulfill the requirements of his own law in order to be a just God. Jesus paid the price on the cross for our sin and rebellion against a Holy and totally righteous God. But God had to provide the blood sacrifice for sin since the demand of the law was death. Jesus died and suffered the penalty of the law on our behalf. We have been given a way of escape, which is accepting in faith, the forgiveness available through the sacrifice of Jesus. We get pardoned by accepting the facts about what God did and repenting of going our own way. We now realize that following Jesus is really what life is all about. However, in this life, followers of Christ know that fallen human nature is a reality that needs to be dealt with in a realistic manner. This is called the "constrained vision" by Thomas Sowell. People that hold to this view believe people must be constrained by government and laws to keep them at bay.

However, those that do not accept what God did for them reject the sacrificial work God has accomplished on their behalf. Out of personal pride and a self-centered desire to do one's own thing, apart from God, people condemn themselves to isolation from God and his kingdom for eternity. In the mean time, this temporal life is all they can look forward to. They seek to remake it in their own vision with the misguided hope they will be able to establish a Utopian world order in which everyone will live happily ever after. They do not believe man has a fallen and sinful nature. They believe people are basically good and perfectible. As a result of this view, they have a very optimistic view of people's natures. They believe that all its takes is the right educational program and that anyone can be taught to be a model citizen. Thomas Sowell calls this the unconstrained vision.

The following video clip is an interview that was held with Thomas Sowell and his discussion of the two visions.

A conflict of two visions