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Capture of the Universities

The Marxist revolution did not initially succeed here, as it done in Russia, because the working class did not arise and promote a revolution against the rich. They knew it was foolish to kill the hands that fed you and they also managed to get their views addressed with the rising union movement. However, they did not give up the quest to establish a global communist Utopia since they knew it required destroying America and its capitalistic system of economics which proved Marxism was flawed.

They then changed their strategy and planned to take over the intellectual strongholds of the culture in order to Marxist ideology into the thinking of the students. For the most part, their strategy succeeded quite well. They pretty much have taken over most of the universities and other educational systems within our nation. This accounts for the popular acceptance among many of our young people of communist ideology. The following video clip explains the dilemma quite well.

Takeover of the Universities