Hitler's Religion

Hitler was not a Christian. He used Christianity in deceiving the Germans to accept his Aryan racist agenda within the German culture. Hitler knew that the German people would likely resist his Aryan racist views unless he could use Christian terminology to convince them his agenda was based in Christian ideals.But when we examine his speeches and writings closer we find that he was not referring to Christianity but to his own redefining of the faith along Aryan Pantheistic ideals. The book of Romans teaches that when people refuse to worship Jesus Christ, they will turn to the worship of nature or Pantheism in which nature is considered God.

When we examine Nazi Germany from this perspective one can see that the religion of Hitler was actually driven by a worship of nature and the laws of nature. Darwin and evolution were key laws that played into his belief system and led to his belief that killing off inferior races and people was the will of God. This shows the direct connection of religious presuppositions with one's worldview and how this leads to an ethical system that determines how one lives out their life within the world. Your religion determines your actions in life. 

The following interview reveals the link with Hitler's pantheistic worldview and how it led to his ethical Aryan foundation in which he justified race extermination based on his religious presuppositions. 

Hitler's Pantheistic Religion


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Hitler's Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich


For a man whom history can never forget, Adolf Hitler remains a persistent mystery on one front—his religious faith. Atheists tend to insist Hitler was a devout Christian. Christians counter that he was an atheist. And still others suggest that he was a practicing member of the occult.

None of these theories are true, says historian Richard Weikart. Delving more deeply into the question of Hitler's religious faith than any researcher to date, Weikart reveals the startling and fascinating truth about the most hated man of the 20th century: Adolf Hitler was a pantheist who believed nature was God. In Hitler's Religion, Weikart explains how the laws of nature became Hitler's only moral guide—how he became convinced he would serve God by annihilating supposedly "inferior" human beings and promoting the welfare and reproduction of the allegedly superior Aryans in accordance with racist forms of Darwinism prevalent at the time.