Surprisingly Mormonism is experiencing quite a large growth within the United States. It has also gained a lot of respectability due to the influences of some high profile leaders such as Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney. The growth is also an indicator of the biblical ignorance that marks not only the knowledge level of non-Christians, but the Christian community as well.

As with most non-Christian religions that are attractive, many people do not investigate the deeper belief system of the faith that they may choose to participate in. Many will join a church for other reasons than truth. Many seek a group of people that will accept them and show them love, in spite of what is being taught within the church. This should be a wake up call to Christian leaders that have generally failed to provide programs that disciple their people in the basic beliefs of the Christian faith, as social researcher George Barna has regularly pointed out.

Mormonism is comparable to many new age religions that have come on the scene in recent years. This religion teaches that an individual that follows this religion can eventually become a deity. In other words, you can ultimately become a god within this religion. This is totally in disagreement with Christian doctrine which teaches that there is a resurrection but we do not become gods. We get adopted in God's family but this does not make us into gods. In fact, the original temptation in the Garden of Eden was the lie that Adam and Eve could become as God. Rather than submitting to a loving God that created them, Adam and Eve chose to elevate themselves to the position of becoming gods, much as Mormonism teaches.

The following video clips reveals some of the basics of the Mormon religion.

Mormon Basics