posted Jun 3, 2012, 7:25 PM by Hector Falcon
Catholicism differs greatly from Protestant beliefs. Unfortunately, the trend within much of Christianity has been to water down the importance of truth so as to promote unity. Many Protestants have forgotten that there is actually some major differences in the belief systems of their faith with that of Catholicism. 

In many ways, we need another Great Awakening of Christian knowledge in both the creeds of the church as well as its history. The general trend within the Protestant churches of America has been to downplay the differences between denominations in order to work together for unity. However, the victim in this approach has been the truth. In many ways, churches are adopting a postmodern mindset toward truth in which truth becomes individualistic. As a result, it becomes whatever the individual wants it to be.

A major catalyst moving Protestant churches in this direction has been a desire to unify and work with Catholics within the political arena and to spread the Gospel. The key question then becomes, just what is the true Gospel? Truth matters. The purpose of this web site is to show people that ideas have consequences. This is why it is imperative that we understand the importance of retaining the truth, despite the consequences. If we are not willing to follow the truth and where it leads, we betray our Lord and master, who is the manifestation of the truth.

In this section we will examine the major differences between the belief systems of the Catholic and Protestant religions. We will show how Catholicism has increased its influence within the world due to its willingness to become syncretistic. It pragmatically works with other religions, which contradict Christianity, in order to attain a political advantage throughout the world. We will also examine the relation of Catholicism toward public policy issues.

Let me add though we may not always agree on truth issues, it is still possible for Christians to work with Catholics and people with other views within cultural settings, such as politics  and government. It is important to keep the lines of communication open with others as we work to spread the influence of the Christian faith within the world.