Religious Worldviews

Every religion has its own worldview. It seeks to explain all of reality and what the purpose of life is all about. Religions are universal in their worldview and will usually seek to establish themselves as the predominant religion within any culture. Introducing a foreign religion into another culture is like allowing a cancer cell to invade a healthy host. Unless it is removed it may continue to grow and have an adverse affect on the host culture - eventually overtaking it and killing it. In this case, becoming the dominant religion within a culture. 

We can see this currently playing out within Europe. The Europeans have rejected their historic Christian cultural foundations in favor of a secular faith. As a result, this has left them vulnerable to the takeover of their cultures by aggressive religions that seek to dominate other cultures. In particular, the Muslim religion is moving in quickly to dominate the nations throughout  Europe. People who have a strong faith with a well developed worldview will always dominate those people who have no well developed faith nor worldview. 

The leaders of England, France, Italy and Germany have openly spoken about this threat to their cultures. They are finally admitting that multiculturalism does not work. They opened their doors to Muslim immigrants and they are quickly taking over key areas of their culture with the ultimate goal of taking domination of all Europe's nations and imposing Sharia law on the Europeans. 

Islam is a very good example of an aggressive religion that has a well developed worldview that addresses every area of life. It is very powerful with regard to cultural transformation of other cultures because it will not assimilate into other cultures. Its stated long-term goal is to be the globally dominant religion. Peace to a Muslim becomes a reality when Islam rules the world. Until then, there will be a continual global jihad until the Muslims rule the world. There is no neutrality nor compromising with other cultures. Islam a powerful religion because it is a political ideology with its own law system as well as being a religion.      

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